How can I feng shui my room?

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6 Foot Wind Chimes question by Anthony: How can I feng shui my room?
I’m really looking into this and it intrigues me. I want to do the best I can with this. I need to have my T.V. in my room though. I’m just looking for someone that can give me a complete layout of how I can transform my room.

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Answer by mindshift
Feng Shui is too complex to explain in a single post. You should look for some books on the subject. Internet articles are incomplete. However, here are the basics for a bedroom.

1.) Do not place your bed so it directly faces the door into your room. The reason is metaphysical- in China the dead are carried out feet first so having your feet toward the door suggest the end of your life.
2.) Try to place the head of your bed against a solid wall. If you must have a window behind your bed, make sure you have a solid headboard. There are several reasons: Psychological- a wall behind does not allow anyone to sneak up on you. Physical- you won’t be subjected to drafts if there is no window close by. Metaphysical- The solid headboard prevents chi energy from flowing across you, and disturbing you while you sleep,
3.) Avoid having a mirror that reflects your bed. The reason is metaphysical- shiny surfaces speed chi energy and disturb sleep. Cover the reflective surface before you go to sleep. The same is true for the TV; cover it.
4.) If you have a desk in your room, set it so you can see if anyone enters while you are sitting at the desk. The reason is psychological- no one can sneak up on you, so you feel more at ease.
5.) Keep your room clean and tidy. Have a place for everything, and put everything where it belongs. The reason is both psychological and metaphysical. One feels better in a clean room. Clutter impedes the flow of chi energy. The cluttered areas of your room affect your life in the world.
6.) Wind chimes are desirable because the sounds clear the air of negative chi. Crystals that reflect and refract sunlight also produce positive chi. Quartz crystal placed in the northwest is supposed to attract helpful people
7.) Place your stereo and/or computer in the west of your room.

Don’t worry if you cannot do all of these things. Every house and every space has design problems. Feng Shui is as much superstition as it is psychology. There were no bathrooms in ancient China when Feng Shui was created, so bathrooms are considered totally negative. However, in Western culture the bath is a source of rejuvenation, and viewed as positive.

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