Q&A: i need help redocorating my room!?

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Wind Chimes Target question by kristincull3n: i need help redocorating my room!?
i really hate it and i spend most of my time in it so i want it to reflect my personality and make me happy.

right now the walls are light blue i have a twin bed, nice wood furniture, a huge desk, and bright colored bedspread. the desk is annoying because i dont use it.

i want just a laid back room with darker walls and i will most likey hang up lost of stuff on the walls. i know it seems stupid cause people in movies always have awsome rooms, but i like Kale’s room in disturbia alot ^^


Wind Chimes Target best answer:

Check out the affordable custom wind chimes at Chimes Of Your Life.  Perfect for sprucing up that garden or room in your house.  The perfect gift for any occasion.

Answer by cullenbella36
U should make the blue darker and make it in2 a jean pattern… it looks really kool! But it depends on wat type of pictures ur putting up 2 see if they match!

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  1. Me says:

    k……………………go to target, walmart and big lots or big 5 and TJMAX and HOME GOODS! great places. i like laid back too, and i have a twin bed and don’t use my desk that much, but change the color of your desk or put a computer or tv on it. i did that. get candles and shelves (but don’t use the candles, for dec.) rearrange ur furniture and change color of the walls. and i love to get a clear/imprinted/lightly colored glass top for like my dresser or desk and put pictures under it and then place it on top of my furniture. looks great! like a scrapbook open on my desk. get rid of clutter and get (i love paris and Audrey Hepburn) posters/ pic/little things and place around your room. Then get a clock that you like. Get two rugs and fold on over the other in a slanted look, and maybe a circle/sphere chair if you want it. Or get a big rug and put it in there. Use a bead way thing for your door if you want, get nice curtains and get a nice, slow, soft, gentle, little fountain. my cousin got one at big 5 for only $ 7! (one fountain) hers has rocks/pebbles and a re-attachable little wind/water chimes that sound pretty. Look on the internet or make notes while you watch movies too.