Wind chime/sock/decoration?

Wind Chimes Ebay question by ladynredisme: Wind chime/sock/decoration?
I have been researching through google and ebay, and cannot find the proper name for this object. It’s not a whind chime because it makes no sound (due to it only being a single strand). It’s not a wind sock, because it’s not made of fabric. What it is, is a single strand of reflective like glass or plastic that looks like a prism, or mirrors. They are hung as decoration, but give no sound. I’ve seen them hung in trees and maybe used as decorations for weddings. (Was also in the first wedding in the movie “The Five Year Engagement”) Can anyone help with what they are called?

Wind Chimes Ebay best answer:

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Answer by Chasity
I haven’t seen the movie, but maybe it is called a garden mobile.
Try to Google that.

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  1. mindshift says:

    They are usually known as spinners, twirlers and sun-catchers. They are spun by wind action that causes reflections to be flashed about.